How would operations at the Kayenta Mine be affected if less coal is burned as fuel at NGS?

Since all coal mined at the KMC is committed to NGS, any alternative that reduces coal consumption at NGS would cause a corresponding decrease in the volumes of coal mined at the KMC. These mine output changes would affect employment at the mine, and reduce the amount each Tribe receives in coal royalties, as well as affect the economies and social well-being of the Navajo Nation and Hopi Tribe. Coal output changes would also affect the amount of land required for mining during the proposed project period, through 2044, which in turn would have implications for current and future land uses, and wildlife habitat.

Would the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) consider the potential changes in water costs to CAP users as the result of new capital investments at NGS, and potential reductions in NGS energy output?

The EIS will investigate the consequences of these changes to CAP users as part of the soceconomic analysis (See Tribal Concerns).


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