Tribal Concerns

Under which alternatives would deposit of funds to the Lower Basin Development Fund, for use to pay for certain Indian water settlement project costs as defined in the Arizona Water Settlements Act, continue?

The extent to which an Alternative supports continued funding of Indian water settlement-related costs as provided for in the Arizona Water Settlements Act will be among the factors considered in the screening of potential action alternatives for evaluation in the EIS. It also will be included in the analysis of the implications on CAP operations related to differences in the cost of power and availability of surplus power for sale to generate funds for the Lower Basin Development Fund. Potential effects of the Alternatives on Tribal Funding for the Navajo and Hopi tribes associated with changes in operations of the NGS and the Kayenta Mine will also be analyzed in the EIS.

How are effects to traditional uses of the project area and area resources being analyzed?

Field investigations, archaeological research, and ethnographic assessments will be conducted as part of the NGS-KMC Project EIS. Members of both the Navajo Nation and Hopi Tribe, and other tribes that may have an interest in the project area, will be actively involved in the investigations and assessments. Input received from these investigations and assessments, as well as from tribal members, will provide the necessary information for use in identifying culturally significant properties and traditional uses of the study area, and how these properties and uses may be affected by the Project Alternatives.


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