Water Resources

Will the EIS consider impacts on springs?

Yes, the EIS will examine mine pumping effects on springs, and the resource specialists are cooperating to ensure that water discussions include cultural and wildlife habitat concerns associated with springs.

What about community water supplies and other water development plans – are those being considered in the water assessment?

Yes. A review of local and regional water use, and existing studies addressing future water development, is being conducted in cooperation with agencies and tribes.

There have been a lot of water studies in the region – will the EIS consider those?

Yes, a large database of information from many sources is being collected and reviewed. The U.S. Geological Survey is serving as an independent reviewer to examine selected data and tools to be used for the assessment.

Are impacts on the quality of surface water and groundwater going to be addressed?

Yes, the water quality in aquifers, streams, rivers, and lakes is a major topic of consideration in the EIS analysis. Potential water quality impacts in the N-Aquifer, D-Aquifer, and other water-bearing zones are being evaluated through using data and other tools. In addition, surface water quality is an important aspect included in the Ecological Risk Assessment and fisheries considerations.


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