Public Meetings on the Draft EIS

Public Meetings – an Important Part of the NEPA Process and Community Involvement

Public Scoping was an initial step in the NEPA process for the NGS-KMC Project EIS. The public was invited to help identify environmental issues and potential alternatives to the Proposed Action. The next important NEPA public involvement step coincides with the release of the Draft EIS for public review and comment. The Notice of Availability (NOA) was published in the Federal Register on September 30, 2016 to announce the release of the Draft EIS and the public review and comment period. The NOA also provided information about the project and notified the public of the location and timing of public meetings.

Public meetings were held in the project area for interested and affected individuals, groups and organizations, as well as local, state and tribal governmental agencies. The purpose of these meetings was to give the public an opportunity to make comments on the adequacy of the Draft EIS, and to ask questions about the findings contained in the Draft EIS.

Following the public review and comment period (extended to December 29, 2016), all comments received on the Draft EIS will be carefully considered. The EIS will be revised to address substantive issues raised in the comments. This revised EIS will become the Final EIS, which also will provide responses to all the comments received during the public review and comment period. We anticipate the Final EIS will be available to the public sometime in late 2017.

Public Meeting Materials

A video was produced for the public meetings with the purpose of introducing the project and providing viewers with important background information. The video, in three language versions, is available here. Please click on the version that you prefer to view or download:

A Fact Sheet was made available at the public meetings to provide additional information on the project. Please click here to view the Fact Sheet.

In addition you may view the Public Meeting Posters by clicking here.

For More Information

For more information on public participation in the NEPA process, please consult the following publication:

A Citizen’s Guide to the NEPA: Having Your Voice Heard (932 KB)