Public Scoping

Scoping – an Important Part of the NEPA Process and Community Involvement

An initial step in the NEPA process for the NGS-KMC Project EIS was public scoping, in which the public was invited to help identify environmental issues and potential alternatives to the Proposed Project.  The public  scoping  period  began  on  May  16,  2014,  with  the  publication  in  the  Federal  Register  of  a Notification of the Intent to Prepare an EIS and Hold Public Scoping Meetings for the NGS-KMC Project.

A video was produced to introduce the project and provide the public with important background information. The video is available in three language versions; click on the version that you prefer to view or download:

The public scoping period officially ended on August 31, 2014.

Please click here to view the Public Scoping Meeting Posters.

Scoping Summary Report Issued

A Scoping Summary Report has been prepared that describes the public scoping activities undertaken for the NGS-KMC Project EIS, and summarizes the scoping comments submitted by the public. Relevant comments will be carefully considered in the preparation of the draft EIS.

Click here for the Scoping Summary Report files.